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Desert Therapy Assistants Team



Desert Therapy has Therapy Assistants who undertake individual therapy programs that have been developed by a speech pathologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist or exercise physiologist.


Therapy assistants are employed and work under the supervision of a qualified therapist. Assistants can help stretch a therapy budget further. 

The client’s therapist will develop a therapy assistant program based on current goals. The program will be uniquely designed for each therapy assistant’s skill set following training and ongoing supervision. Desert Therapy takes the time to make sure they carefully match our therapy assistants to each client and family with the tools that they need. The program often starts with direct supervision with the therapist, therapy assistant and client working together. As the client and therapy assistant become more confident, the therapist will indirectly supervise the assistant by sharing photos, videos, notes and discussions after each session to closely monitor progress against goals.

We take pride in our high quality, ethical and carefully monitored therapy assistant services.

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